Memory Lane - Trevor Graves

Trevor has over 30 years’ experience in drag racing!  He is both an accomplished Championship winning driver and experienced Crew Chief.  He has a keen eye for innovation & has brought in new technology and systems which have transformed the back office for the race team. He is a great team player so that when he is not at the helm he has an invaluable role providing expert Crew Chief services and developing, training & providing inspiration to his fellow team members. Trevor has taken the next step as Panther Racing UK’s Team Manager, a role to which he is extremely well suited with his exceptional flair for finding that unique angle to enable the team to have the edge over the opposition.

Key achievements

  • 2015 – Crew Chief for Panther Racing UK winning the JS Secure Security Solutions “Top Dragster Bracket Race” as seen on Motors TV shown on both Sky, Virgin & Freeview.  The team was also invited, by the owner, to drive the “6 second Super Pro Dragster”.
  • 2012 – 2014 - Time out for family commitments after the birth of his daughter.
  • 2011 – Crew Chief for Panther Racing UK with the “FIA Pro Stock Car Pontiac Grand-AM”. Successfully managing the logistics for the team, ensuring the FIA Pro Stock Car Grand-AM & driver, full race crew & supporters, navigated the full FIA Pro Stock European Tour.  This included competing in Tierp in Sweden, Alastaro in Finland, Hockenheim in Germany and Santa Pod in the UK. With this and some extra testing in Sweden so much was learned.  The achievements produced this season were a credit to the team, we placed a respectable 11th in the FIA European championship in our first year!  The team were also invited to attend “Caring for Cars” which is a charity event which is a private relaxed event for motoring enthusiasts & “PistonHead” members to meet and get up close to other amazing machines raising money for charity through donations, raffle and auction.
  • 2010 – Assistant Crew Chief invited to troubleshoot for Robert Koper running his Pro Mod Car in Hockenheim in Germany.  Obtaining invaluable European Racing experience, allowing Robert to qualify.  Whilst in Hockenheim Panther Racing UK decided to purchase the “FIA European Pro Stock CarPontiac Grand-AM” from Sweden, making Panther Racing UK the 1st FIA Pro Stock Team in the UK.  The licencing for car and driver was completed in Malmo, Sweden and the car was tested at Santa Pod England in full preparation for the 2011 European FIA tour.
  • 2009 – Panther Racing UK had its last season with the Pontiac Firebird. A good start to the season with runner up in the main event and concluded by achieving runner up in the “Santa Pod Super Gas Championship”.
  • 2008 – Success continued this year with the installation of a new data logger into the Pontiac Firebird, which was an introduction to true data acquisition.  The Firebird driven by racing partner Conrad Stanley won the “Ultimate Power Championship” & the “SPRC Club Championship”. The team were invited to attend the NEC in Birmingham and participate in the Autosport show where the team took part in demonstrations runs including “Burn Outs” in the indoor arena, which created a spectacular showcase.
  • 2007 – Crew Chief for Panther Racing UK successfully finding that unique innovation to enable the Pontiac Firebird, driven by racing partner Conrad Stanley, to win the  “National Championship” & “Divisional Championship” at two different tracks & placing runner up for the “Super Gas Championship”.  The team took part in a Charity event for a Northhampton school demonstrating the car and raising money for handicapped children.  Panther Racing UK were also invited by the owner Elo, to exhibit the Pontiac Firdbird at the London Motor museum to promote the museum & motor industry.
  • 2006 -  Purchased Pontiac Firebird from Texas USA completed licencing for car and driver in UK and tested the car at Santa Pod UK.
  • 2005 – The formidable forces of Trevor Graves and Conrad Stanley join together and Panther Racing UK is born!  Racing the “Chevy Vega” the team were placed 3rd in the “Super Gas National Championship”.
  • 2003-2004 – Crew for Conrad Stanley who was driving his “Chevy Vega”.  This season winning the Championship at both Santa Pod & Avon Pack Raceway the “Overall National Championship Super Gas”.  The team also won the “Most Professional Appearing Team” award.
  • 2002 – Driver & Crew with a Honda Prelude 357ci Cleveland 647hp Ran 9.74 147mph
  • 1994- Driver of Ford Sierra XR4i purchased from Harry Horto.
  • 1992 – Driver of Ford Escort XR3i built by Tim Hines, purpose built 514ci race engine by Matt Johnson, powered by Ford in Florida USA, 987hp with single carb. Best track time - 9.44 sec, 154 mph.
  • Driver of MK1 Escort white, home built with my brother Ian Graves, Rover 3.5ltr engine with SD1 heads. Best time on track 14.0 sec 99mph. Achieved 22 timed runs in 1 day!
  • Gold Sunbeam Rapier with Jag live back axle. This was an amazing car!  The car would be driven to the track, the axle would be changed, the car would race, and then the axle would be changed again prior to the drive home!
  • Yellow 1971 Mustang convertible 302ci Streetcar. Best time on track 16.8 sec 94mph.
  • MK3 Cortina in rainbow metal flake paint, wide wheels, side pipes and high lift cam. This was a Streetcar which was driven daily. Best time on the track 19.3 sec 79mph.